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bucket truck service

If you’re having electrical problems that can’t be solved by looking at the electrical work within your home or business, Arc Electric offers bucket truck service to customers in Lancaster PA and the surrounding areas. We can assess your poles and your transformers to see if either of those is the origin of the problem. This especially comes in handy after severe weather or an automobile accident that knocks out power to your home or business.

Our bucket trucks also come in handy when we're repairing or installing your parking lot or security lighting, but don't worry, we won't disturb your property at all. Our truck will be parked so that people can manuver easily around it and with minimal effort. We will also work with you to coordinate a schedule where we can be convenient as possible.

We will also use bucket trucks to examine any wiring running to your property. If it is getting tangled in trees or is fraying or is in bad condition, we can deal with the issue accordingly. These are things that the average cannot safely or efficiently do themselves. Trust the technicians at Arc Electric to take care of your electrical problem for you— you won’t be disappointed.


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