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If you live or work in Lancaster PA and are looking to do some remodeling work to your home or business, look no further than the technicians at Arc Electric for your electricity needs. Maybe you’re adding an addition, or perhaps just adding on a decorative feature, such as a screened porch or patio, that needs electrical work. We are more than happy to make sure your home or business is a well-lit one!

Arc Electric specializes in remodeling and restoration to basements, attics, additions, or historical structures. Maybe your home itself is a historical structure and you want to preserve its integrity while also being able to comfortably inhabit it— let Arc Electric get the job done. If you’re redoing your basement or attic, we can help you with that, too, and make sure you have the lighting you need.

  • Basements and Additions

    Let us make a dark, dank basement a thing of the past with any type of lighting you need, whether it's low volt or flourescent. Depending on what you're doing with your basement, our technicians can make suggestions as to what type of lighting would work best for you.

  • Historical Restoration

    Great care is given to structures with historical significance. If your home or business is one of these, or is just an old structure, and it needs restoration work, let Arc Electric take the time to make sure your historical structure is properly and safely lit.

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